The Jaicrest Difference

We provide innovative and advanced air conditioning / gas heating solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Over the past couple of decades, we have constantly strived to expand our knowledge by creating environment-friendly solutions.

We are revolutionising the way our clients think about air conditioning and gas heating by creating the largest and most comprehensive showroom in Australia.

Absolute Comfort

We can design and install from the simplest to the most advanced systems for residential and light commercial projects of all kinds.

We’re also dedicated to creating unique systems to suit your lifestyle and needs…… redefining the experience of comfort.

Our passion for precision means that every Jaicrest system — delivers maximum performance and the ultimate in Absolute Comfort

Energy Efficiency

With the technology and innovations available today, we can provide energy efficient comfort that minimises environmental impact and helps keep your energy costs low.

We offer many brands and over 15 - 20 systems with efficiencies as high as 6 star energy ratings!

In fact, we can supply some of the most energy-efficient systems, with the ability to combine electric heating / cooling plus gas central heating in the one system. That’s why Jaicrest is favoured by Homeowners, Architects, Builders and Consultants.

Jaicrest Dependability

We strongly believe that by offering the best products and brands, we can maintain our success and grow our business.

Jaicrest’s installation quality is reinforced by our ability to utilise our own people and provide them with continual training.

Jaicrest “designed” systems are designed for many years of service. This is why we are confident in supplying installation warranties longer than most other contractors

The Environment

Jaicrest is committed to providing you with the most efficient and safest solutions to meet your requirements and budgets - today and in the future.

We are aware of our responsibility to protect the environment with all our installations. We have prepared many documents to encourage all who download the material to implement other economical solutions with environmental sustainability at the heart.

Reverse Cycle Specialists

Jaicrest has been perfecting high efficiency reverse cycle installations for heating and air conditioning since 1990. We offer very energy efficient solutions with the added benefits of being extremely reliable, quiet and compact.

We are proud to have carried out an uncountable number of installations throughout the Sydney region. Whether you need a single split, ducted system, multi-split or VRV /VRF system, you’ll experience a comfort solution that is proven and backed by our famous 5 year warranty.

Gas Ducted Heating Specialists

Gas ducted heating will provide powerful natural heat for your whole home. You will always feel warm and comfortable no matter how cold it gets outside.

We offer a range of highly efficient 5 and 6 Star systems.

For the ultimate home lifestyle system, we can adapt a cooling unit to provide year round absolute comfort, backed by our famous 5 year warranty.

Jaicrest Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Solutions - Sydney

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