Daikin Air Purifier

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Improved breathing comfort for allergy and Asthma sufferers

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Air Purifiers

  • Cleaner
  • fresher
  • healthier air

A Daikin air purifier improves the quality of your air indoors, with its advanced technology and ultra-quiet operation. A Daikin air purifier is ideal if you suffer from asthma, hay fever or allergies, particularly if your condition keeps you awake at night. With a 6-layer powerful decomposition & removal system, Daikin’s air purifier helps eliminate bacteria, airborne particles, allergens, pollen & unpleasant odours.

daikin air purifier daikin air purifier daikin air purifier

Daikin Streamer Technology

Streamer Discharge is what makes a Daikin Air Purifier so effective. The Streamer’s plasma discharge of high-speed electrons activates oxygen & nitrogen molecules, rendering them capable of oxidative bacteria decomposition – one of the most effective ways to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould & allergens from the air.

Daikin’s Steamer Discharge technology has a wider discharge range than conventional, glow discharge air filters, for an oxidative decomposition speed over 1,000 times faster, & is perfectly safe for your family.

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Powerful Six-Layer Decomposition and Removal System

Clean air can be defined as having all harmful particles & contaminants removed, but Daikin goes even further.

Our air purification technology is designed to eliminate not only large particles but also dust, odours, bacteria, pet hair, mould, pollen, mites & other allergens, leaving your air clean & healthy.

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A Sensitive, Smart Choice

The National Asthma Council Australia and Asthma Foundation NZ introduced the Sensitive Choice program to help identify products better suited for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. Daikin Air Purifiers are recognised by the Sensitive Choice program, and carry the Blue Butterfly symbol.

Portable & Convenient

Daikin's air purifier is portable, which means you can place it in the bedroom at night, and living area during the day.


The Daikin Air Purifier comes with seven pleated filters. Each filter can be used for up to one year depending on how the unit is used and where the unit is located.

6 Layer Filtration

A unique six layer filtration system ensures the effective removal of most airborne substances and odours to give you a fresh, clean and healthier indoor environment.

Control your air purifier with an easy-to-use remote controller

A Daikin air purifier comes with a user-friendly remote controller.

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Pollen Mode

By creating gentle turbulence in the room air, most of the pollen in the room is caught before it lands on the floor.

Turbo Mode

Turbo mode provides high-power operation. Use it when you first come home or when you need quick removal of pollutants.

Automatic Operation

Airflow is adjusted to the level of dirt in the air. When the air is cleaner, energy-saving mode cuts in avoiding electricity wastage.

Off Timer

This feature can set the air purifier to turn off after one, two or four hours

Other functions include:

  • Anti-tamper lock
  • Four step fan speed
  • Negative ion mode
  • Display adjustment

Technical Specifications

air purifier tech specs NOTES: 1. The power input and running current is measured in accordance with AS/NZS 3823.1.2

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For more information watch the latest Daikin Purifier video brochure.