Commercial Air conditioning and Heating Solutions

We offer turn-key solution of energy efficient air conditioning and ventilation systems. We are committed to the comfort needs of your business from the initial concepts and engineering designs through to the installation and service. We have access and the ability to deliver the highest quality HVAC equipment from such suppliers as Daikin. We perform efficient installations, and all our products come backed by full customer service and support.

System control is as easy as 1 controller per indoor unit, or connected to a centralised controller, or Intelligent Controller; grouped and controlled via a web browser……Anything is possible!

We supply a wide variety of products so that you can find the right solution for your office to deliver that ABSOLUTE COMFORT!

We cater for any application -


The type of system your premises require will depend upon factors such as the size of the room, its location and your specific needs to name just a few. To see what system is best for you, here is a brief outline of the different systems available and where they might be ideally suited.

Single Units

(1x Indoor units + 1 x Outdoor unit)

These systems are best-suited to providing comfort for single areas anywhere in your Office or place of business. They can also be used for supplemental comfort for problem areas.

Designed for shops, restaurants and small offices, the Sky Air inverter heat pump Single Zone systems provide a comfortable environment in addition to substantial energy savings over conventional air conditioning systems.

Multi- Split

(2 - 5 Indoor units + 1 Outdoor unit)

With up to 5 indoor units, Multi-Split Systems are ideal for applications desiring individual room comfort in a space-saving design. These systems offer excellent energy efficiency levels for enhanced Office / Retail comfort and energy savings. These are suitable for new construction, renovation projects and existing dwellings.

Daikin’s Multi-split Systems provide comfort for up to 5 separate zones, using one compact outdoor unit. Over 100 outdoor/indoor unit combinations are available for new construction and retrofit projects in light commercial settings.

Multi-Split / VRVIII-S / VRF

(2 - 9 Indoor units + 1 Outdoor unit)

With up to 9 indoor units, these systems are the ultimate, flexible solution for individual zone comfort. Connecting up to nine indoor units to a single outdoor unit reduces installation space and costs while maximizing comfort and energy savings. With a choice of 30+ unit types in a wide range of capacities, this system allows mixed and matched combinations for Absolute Comfort in almost any commercial application.

These systems are best used in light commercial settings with multiple comfort zones, like Realty offices, Salons and Doctors’ offices, where the comfort level of each room can be independently controlled.

Ducted type

(Many indoor + outdoor combinations available)

With ducted type systems, climate control is at the touch of a button. These systems are ideal for large office areas and can incorporate zone selection if required.

A ducted system provides discreet air conditioned comfort throughout your entire Office. It can be installed and tailored to suit an existing or new Office or Retail showroom. These systems are flexible; the indoor unit is concealed out of sight in your ceiling, with flexible ducting distributing conditioned air throughout.

VRV / VRF and VRV Heat Recovery

(Unlimited combinations)

These systems are ideal for the largest areas, multi-levels and anything in between. Can suit an application, any criteria and is the ultimate in performance and energy efficiency, with systems capable of handling the BIGGEST requirements. You can control the comfort levels independently of every single area and can simultaneously HEAT and COOL. With an unlimited choice of unit types in a wide range of capacities, this system allows mixed and matched combinations for Absolute Comfort in ANY application.

These systems are designed for business applications where a single VRV/VRF outdoor unit can serve up to 58 different areas independently. VRV/VRF offers superior flexibility and energy efficiency, in an easy to install package

VRV/VRF utilises the latest advances in air conditioning technology to serve up to 62 indoor fan coils from one modular system, with ventilation and BMS options never before seen.





Wall Mount Type

Wall mounted indoor units are the most common in Australian Offices. They are mounted on the wall and circulate air to heat or cool a room evenly. They should be located so the airflow can reach as much of the room as possible.


Floor-Standing Units

These are positioned on the floor or above the skirting against a wall. Also, can be semi or fully recessed into joinery. They should not be positioned behind lounge suites or couches that obstruct the airflow, to operate efficiently, they need clear space in front of them. Ideal in areas with low vertical walls.


Floor / Under-ceiling type

These units can be positioned on the wall at floor level or above the skirting board or attached to the underside of the ceiling (although less common). The major benefit of these units is that they are highly practical in areas where wall and floor space is limited.


Bulkhead / Mini-duct type

Compact and lightweight, so are easily installed in limited spaces. Highly flexible in installations, can be fitted in bulkheads and false ceilings and between the drop ceiling and ceiling slab.


Ceiling Cassette

The ideal indoor unit for installation inside narrow false ceilings with only the decoration panel visible after installation. A simple design makes it comfortable to the eye in any office.


Ducted type (low – mid – high static)

For small to large spaces in need of a concealed duct-type indoor unit. These units range from compact design with low airflow to extremely powerful with high static and airflow for large areas.