Gas Ducted Heating

With BRIVIS gas heating systems, climate control is at the touch of a button. These systems are ideal for whole home or multiple room applications and can incorporate zone selection if required.

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Gas ducted heating will provide powerful, natural heat for either whole home or a zoned single room solution; you will always feel warm and comfortable no matter how cold it gets outside. Air is drawn from inside your home, rapidly heated, and then gently distributed through ceiling or floor vents. With lower upfront and running costs you will save money while you efficiently and effectively heat your home. We offer a range of highly efficient 5 and 6 Star Gas Ducted Heaters for the ultimate home comfort system.

Zoning Made Easy

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Powerful, Natural Heat

We offer Brivis Gas ducted heaters which come in a wide range of capacities, ranging from 15kW up to 35kW system. They are also available in various installation configurations (internal and external), ensuring there is a system to suit virtually every home. Ducted gas heating is fully adaptable to your needs; systems can heat the largest of family homes and also modulate down to just a single zone or room. With the use of the unique Brivis Zone-Plus control system, you can either set different temperatures in individual zones or achieve a perfect, constant temperature across the entire home.

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Hot No Matter What

When it is really cold outside, you want to be confident you will be warm and comfortable inside - that’s why BRIVIS Ducted Gas Heaters are the product of choice in the coldest parts of Australia. No matter what the outside temperature is, a BRIVIS Ducted Gas Heater will maintain its heat output and rapidly warm your home and keep it that way - even when outside temperatures drop below 0oC. Comparatively, at temperatures below 7oC, Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners reduce both their heating capacity and their efficiency, often turning off to defrost ice build-up on the outdoor unit.

Feature Heating and Cooling System Reverse Cycle air conditioning Systems
Maintains constant heating performance
Lower running cost YES NO
Lower greenhouse gas emissions YES NO
Lower cost for whole of home heating YES NO
Single controller for control, programming and zoning YES NO
Warmer air delivery YES NO

Cheaper Heating Cost

If it is savings that you want, a BRIVIS Gas Ducted Heater is both cheaper to buy, install and run than a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System.

Room size Suitable heater types Energy star rating Annual cost*
Small room
10-15 sq metres
Small gas (3 kW) 2.png $155
4.5.png $125
Portable electric heater (2.4 kW) N/A $450
Electric split system air conditioner (3 kW) 2.5.png $125
5.png $95
Medium room
30-40 sq metres
Medium gas (5.5 kW) 2.png $275
4.5.png $225
Electric panel or fan (4 kW) N/A $825
Electric split system air conditioner (5.5 kW) 1.5.png $255
3.5.png $205
Large area
60-70 sq metres
Large gas (8 kW) 2.png $405
4.5.png $330
Electric split system air conditioner (8 kW) 1.5.png $375
3.5.png $300
Whole house
160-170 sq metres
Gas ducted (23 kW) - not zoned 3.5.png $1,055
5.png $980
6.png $895
Gas ducted (23 kW) - zoned 3.5.png $790
5.png $735
6.png $670
Split system ducted (20 kW) - not zoned Standard $1,220
High efficiency $1,025
Split system ducted (20 kW) - zoned Standard $915
High efficiency $770
* Approximate costs per year, based on 900 hours usage. Based on electricity tariff of 27.7cents / kWh, and marginal natural gas tariffs of 1.50 cents / MJ (gas ducted heating) and 1.66 cents / MJ (gas room heating). Actual costs for your house will depend on the area heated, how long you run the heating for, your thermostat settings, how well insulated the house is, your energy tariffs and your local climate.

Dual Comfort - Ducted Gas Heating with Add-On Cooling

Not only can the BRIVIS Ducted Gas Heater provide powerful natural heat to keep you warm in winter, but it can also keep you cool in summer, providing year round comfort.

BRIVIS Dual Comfort series of products is fully integrated with your BRIVIS Ducted Gas Heater, utilising the same controls to deliver cool air through the same ductwork and outlets.

So now you can have the best fully integrated heating and cooling system, all designed and guaranteed to work seamlessly together.

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Brivis Zoning Technology

A Brivis zoning system provides you with the flexibility to cool or heat up to four independent zones. A zone can be a single room, like a lounge room or a designated set of rooms, like children’s bedrooms. You can also condition your entire home. A Brivis zoning system can detect how many zones you are currently operating and automatically adjust its output to match the requirement. This means that if you only want certain parts of your home heated or cooled, you can, while not wasting energy.

Perfect control…….Absolute Comfort!

Individual Temperature Control

heating controller
If you think heating or cooling your whole home is a waste of energy – consider zoning!


The Networker zoning controller allows you to operate the comfort system in auto or manual modes.

For total flexibility, you can upgrade as many Brivis Temperature Sensors to Brivis Networkers, allowing you to fully control, program and manage each zone – eliminating the need for you to go back to the Master Networker. Adjust temperatures for each zone as it suits you from any Networker in the home.